The Bath Vegan Fayre 2010: “Fayre Play”
Campaigners and volunteers with Bath Animal Action are pleased to announce that the Bath Vegan Fayre 2010 event went

swimmingly yesterday, with over 150 happy punters passing through the doors.

Held at Manvers Street Baptist Church in the city centre, a moment's walk from the train and bus stations, the event
lasted from 12 til 4pm. Otherwise, the second annual free food event followed much the same pattern as the previous
year - with a dazzling array of steaming soups, chillies, rice dishes and lovingly-tended vegetable delicacies filling
the bowls of queues of hungry fayre-goers, alongside a mouth-watering spread of cakes, cookies, snacks and ethnic
desserts. The tea and fruit juices flowed like never before, whilst the tables were filled with relaxed conversation
and ingested education. As well as the over-burdened information tables (with everything from nutrition, environmental
ethics, recipes, animal rights, medical science and updates for campaigns against zoos, hunters, foie gras outlets and
animal-testing laboratories), free samples table, reading corner and children's area, there was also a prize raffle –
the cause of some excitement. By the end of the day, many a happy visitor was heard singing the praises of the food,
including the immortal words: “I had no idea vegan food could taste this good!”

Pickings were slim though, at the end of the day, for the ever-energetic and patient volunteers, all expecting to take
home leftover goodies: almost nothing remained. Better luck next year, vegan vultures!
Big thanks go out to Bute Island Foods, The Booja-Booja Company, Suma Wholefoods, Beanies Health Foods, The Vegan
Society, Animal Aid, Viva!, Essential Trading Co-operative, Lush, Vegetarian Shoes, Plamil Foods, The Green Stationery
Company, Mail Boxes Etc., staff at the Hobgoblin, DJ Ted, The Black Rat, Madame Hatter and indeed Bristol Animal Rights
 The group's past successes include:
-campaigning to end the sale of the cruel 'delicacy' foie gras, with many high-profile Bath restaurants deciding to go cruelty free.
-persuading various stores in Bath in 2007 to stop the sale of fur
-organising free veggie food stalls
-organising Bath Vegan Fayres in 2009 and 2010, as well as supporting other similar events
-helping to close down a cruel and unlicensed greyhound course in Glastonbury in 2005 (but not before the races killed Snowstorm the greyhound)
-saved hundreds of wild animals alongside hunt saboteurs from Bristol, Pewsey, South Wales, Reading, Devon, the Midlands and elsewhere
-raised funds for several rescue centres, campaigns and charities
-campaigning against factory-farming including against McDonalds, KFC
-campaigning against horse-racing
-encouraging boycotts of Bobby Roberts Circus and Noah's Ark Zoo
-joining national campaigns with CIWF, Animal Aid, SPEAK, SHAC,
-opposing the Welsh badger cull
-...and distributing literature and information to raise awareness of animal cruelty.

Why not come along to discuss what YOU can do to help stop animal cruelty!

Thursday, 26 August 2010 - Bath Vegan Fayre Benefit Gig

If you're in Bath on Friday night, of the 27th August, you could do worse that come to the downstairs of the Hobgoblin pub on St James Parade - opposite Bath College - from 8pm, and enjoy the entertainment on offer:

Madame Hatter

Faux folk miss-fit mistress whose skirt knows no borders: get ready for dirty French lessons 1, 2 and 3!

The Black Rat

60's/70's/80's psychedelic synth alterna-rock fusion from Bath's friendly neighbourhood rodents


Continuing with the vermin theme, Bristol's finest bedsit MC joins the dots between DIY punk and alternative hip hop

It's £3 entry, and all subtly interwoven with our local DJ's efforts, and funds are being raised for the Bath Vegan Fayre, the following Saturday the 4th September, at Manvers Street Baptist Church.

Hopefully see you there!

Tuesday, 24 August 2010 - Bath Vegan Fayre coming soon!

This year, on Saturday the 4th of September, from 12 til 4pm, Bath will see the second annual Bath Vegan Fayre! Taking place at Manvers Street Baptist Church (a two-minute walk from Bath Spa rail and bus stations), this year's event will build on the success of last year's fayre, which saw around 150 people enjoy the free vegan meals and snacks. But it's not just about the exotic curries, nourishing soups, rice and pasta and salad and gluten-free dishes, delicious fake meats, surprisingly good cakes, savoury bites and sweet delights, or the thirst-quenching drinks – there's also plenty of friendly faces, good conversations, and reams of accessible and detailed information about all walks of vegan life. Whether it's about the products, the nutrition, the environment, the people or the animals, we'll have the answers to everything you need to know about veganism, but might be afraid to ask! Food for thought, you might say. Come along and join us on the day – it's all free!

For further information, call us on 07717 130954 or e-mail us at bathanimalaction[at]